Monday, August 31, 2015

My workout routine!

Getting Fit with Trisha Jones

•Make sure you warm up before you start, you can warm up with bands and/or really light weight :)

•For every other week I want you to change the weight and reps. So like for your first week of these exercises, you can do light weight and aim for 15 to 20 reps. Then next week or so you can go heavier and aim for 10-12 reps. It's good to change it up and keep your body guessing! Also watch your rest time, make sure you are not resting too long between sets. You should watch your TUT (time under tension). You want to keep the muscles burning.

*A few things I want you to remember when working out:

1) Try to maintain a steady pace/tempo. A typical tempo in seconds for each rep during a set would be 2/4/0 (lifting, lowering, pause).

2) Spend more time on the eccentric portion of the movement... the lowering portion when your muscle is slowly elongating. Slowing this down encourages muscle growth. Do not rush through movements.

3) Focus on form. With the longer sets, fatigue will set in and compromise form. Make sure you don't cheat yourself and miss out on gains by breaking form or doing partial reps.

4) Use drop sets to help you. Drop sets are a personal favorite of mine. When you are struggling to finish off those last few reps, drop the weight down and immediately continue with the exercise. You will last the entire duration of the set and won't need to cheat to get through it.

5) Maintain a high intensity. The weight and exercise needs to be challenging enough to cause muscle fatigue toward the end of the set.

6) Keep your mind focused on the muscle you are working. Make sure you're feeling the tension, and flex your target muscle while you're doing the exercises.

The following is a list of my favorite exercises for each muscle group.

• Bench press 5x12
• Incline bench press 5x12
• Hex press 4x12-15
• Cable flys 4x20
• Dumbell press 4x10-12
• Dumbell flys 5x10

• Cable rope over head extensions  4x12-15
• Close grip bench press 4x10-15
• Skull crushers 4x10-12
• Dumbell extensions behind head 5x15 (single arm or both)
• Lying tricep extension 4x12
• Single arm cable push down 5x10

• Lat pull down with wide grip 6x15-20
• Single arm lat pull down 5x12
• Wide grip seated cable row 5x12-15
• Single arm seated cable row 5x12-15
• Single arm dumbell row 4x10-12
• Lying dumbell pullover 4x12
• Lat rope pulldown 4x10-12
• Leverage ISO row machine 5x12-15
• Assisted pull-ups 5x as many as you can!
• Good mornings: very good exercise for the lower back and glutes and hamstrings, use light EZ bar 5x10

• EZ barbell curl 5x12-15  
• Incline dumbell curls 4x10
• Hammer single arm dumbell curl (favorite) 5x15
• Preacher curl 4x10-12
• Cable curl 5x12-15
• Overhead cable curls 5x10-15
• Cable rope curls 5x12

LEGS- *you do not have to do ALL of this. Choose a good amount of exercises you would like to try (8-10) I like to superset most of these. Change it up and work your legs hard, the more sore the better! :)

• Step ups with dumbell 7x15
• Split squats 6x15
• Kurtsey lunges with weight 5x20
• Single leg step up w/smith machine 5x12-15
• Glute bridge 5x10-15
• Deep wipe squats on smith machine 5x12-15 and pause at bottom.
• Single leg press 5x12
• Walking lunges with ez bar 6x15
• Lying leg curl for hams 6x15-20
• Front squats 8x15-20
• Back squats 8-10 sets 12-15 reps
• Glute master machine if you have it 6x20
• Donkey kick backs on smith machine 6x12-15
•Hack Squat 5x12
• Reverse hack squat 6x12-15
• Smith machine lunges 5x12-15

• EZ bar over head press 5x15
• Standing dumbell press 5x10  
• Seated Arnold press 5x10
• Dumbell front raise 5x12-15 superset with
• Front plate raises 5x12-15
• Bent over reverse dumbell fly 5x12-15 superset with
• Lateral raises straight arm 5x12
• Front cable raises 6x12-15 superset with
• Upright cable row 5x12-15
• Single arm cable lateral raise 5x10

• Heavy dumbell shrugs 5x10-15 hold and squeeze
• Barbell shrugs 5x10
• Barbell shrug behind back w/Smith machine 6x10

ABS- Choose 5 you like, 5 sets each, for as long as you can, time it!
• Flutter kicks
• Side plank dip
• Plank
• Cable rope crunches
• Push up plank
• Incline crunch
• Weighted incline crunch
• Toe tap planks
• V ups
• Hanging leg raises